The Impact of a Soda

We’ve all been there.

You’re in line at the fast food drive thru, waiting to order. You pull forward and out of the microphone comes, “What would you like?”.

This tiny moment of decision happens often for many.

In that moment, here’s a small thing we can try: Skip the drink.

But let’s not just say it. Let’s make this easy! How? Put a reusable water bottle in your cup holder.

There are 2 types of people in the drive thru:

  1. Those who have a reusable water bottle in their cup holder
  2. Those who have an empty cup holder

Person #1 has made their decision easy: skip the drink.

Person #2 is getting a soda.

What’s the big deal?

Let’s say they get takeout 3x a week. Here’s how this adds up over a year for Person #1.


  • Eliminated 31,200 calories
  • Eliminated 8,580g of sugar
  • Eliminated 8,580g of carbs
  • Consumed 49 gallons of water


  • Saved $312/year

Little things can make a big impact. Putting the water bottle in your cup holder is a little thing.

You won’t notice a difference after a week. You perhaps won’t after a month. But after a year – you will feel and be healthier and you have $312 to use how you want!

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