Newsletter #7: Memories

March 2, 2021

A book.

Final Rounds: by James Dodson

This is a true story about a terminally-ill father and his son who make final memories together on a golf trip. You don’t have to love golf or be faced with a terminally-ill loved one to feel the kindness, love and laughter that exudes from this story.

Final Rounds is a stark reminder that all we ever have is the present moment – so why let life’s distractions get in the way to make a memory with those we love?

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A thought.

We should be careful not to pass up an opportunity to make memories with the ones we love. Even if it seems insignificant at the time.

A friend has recently put a 30 minute hold on their calendar that repeats each day.

How do they use it? They go pick their child up from school. They get uninterrupted time each day to make tiny memories with their child. Awesome.

Making memories can be that simple.

Memories are the foundation of our relationships and relationships are the foundation of a fulfilled life.

A quote.

“It’s realizing that a great dream is not as good as a great memory. The dream can be had by anyone. The memory – must be made.”

Eric Thomas

What memory can you go make?

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