silhouette of person sitting beside body of water

Questions to Ponder

  • Why is the average retirement age 67 yet the average life expectancy is only 11 years more (78)?
  • Why do we consistently think something is a good idea, but don’t act on it?
  • Why do our brains primarily only think of 2 things: the past and the future, but rarely the present?
  • Why are we all in such a hurry? Where are we going?
  • Why do we get so caught up in making a living and forget to make a life?
  • Why do we focus on what we may lose instead of what we may gain?
  • Why do we keep so many doors open in our lives when we know when we shut one door another one opens?
  • Why do we overvalue numbers and undervalue anything difficult to quantify?
  • Why do we focus so much on income vs net worth?
  • Why do we consistently fall victim to consumerism?
  • Why do rules always begin with “Never” or “Don’t”?
  • Why do we tell children “No” 40x more than “Yes”?
  • Why do we have such trouble admitting when we are wrong?
  • Why do we wait to tell people how we feel?
  • Why do we often forget we have one life to live?

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