Maybe Another Day

Kids make you realign your priorities really quickly. You thought you had no time before kids? Just wait.

A quick lunch with my wife became a logistical nightmare.

“Who is going to pick our oldest up from school?”

“Who is going to watch our youngest?”

“If they take the youngest to pick the oldest up, we need to make sure they switch the car seat.”

“What will they eat for lunch? Does the babysitter know their nap-time routine?”


This doesn’t even include the classic decision paralysis of: “Where should we go to lunch?”

Very quickly, the grand idea of lunch becomes too much of a hassle. “Maybe another day.”

Before you know it, “maybe another day” becomes commonplace.

Don’t let it.

Find that day. Find the time to spend with your significant other.

Kids are wonderful. Kids suck up your time. And. It. Is. Glorious. They love you unconditionally. They want to spend every moment with you.

But don’t forget about your significant other. Don’t wait for another day.

Make time!

Let them slam their finger in the drawer

The best way to learn is by doing. It’s why one of our principles for raising children is to “let them slam their finger in the drawer”. Literally.

When our oldest was 13 months old and pulling a drawer out and closing it shut – we could have stopped him.

Instead, we watched patiently.

Waiting for the inevitable.

As it so often does, inevitable showed up: in the form of a smashed finger and 20 seconds of hysterics.

You know what happened 90 seconds later? He ventured over to that same drawer, opened it, began to close it and simultaneously lifted his tiny fingers out of the way. He wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

It is quite literally short-term pain for long-term gain.

It is also about creativity

Kids hear no 40 times more often than they hear yes. There is no better way to stifle creativity than to discourage trying.

Of course, don’t let them dart across a 4-lane highway. But find the times to let them slam their finger.

Let them try. Encourage curiosity and creativity!